Working in Partnership with Solicitors & Law Firms

At Keystone, we like to work with our customers as partners, rather than acting as just another products provider. We work with law firms of all sizes throughout the UK, and are proud of our reputation for integrity, speed, flexibility and approachability.

Some comments from our existing customers:

“Keystone are trustworthy and straight down the middle, and it’s great for our clients to know that they don’t avoid risk or payment of claims” - Martin Oliver, Brearleys Solicitors

“Keystone focus on their strengths and are, from the top down, approachable and easy to work with” - Simon Speed, BAS Solicitors

“Whenever we contact Keystone we get treated as a valued customer, not passed around like a parcel” - David Dow, Kirbys Solicitors

“Keystone’s approach cuts down on the time it takes to arrange ATE cover. We get quick and pragmatic decisions on a wide range of cases” - Julian Oldfield, Bakers Solicitors