nhance from Keystone

Have you considered what happens Post-Jackson in April 2013 if you run out of cover on a case that is currently insured by a non Keystone BTE or ATE legal expenses policy?

Are you confident that you will be able to increase the limit of indemnity on an existing policy or what happens if the insurer pulls
out of the case leaving you with no cover in a regime where ATE
premiums are no longer recoverable?

nhance from Keystone is the simple solution. For an initial premium of £1, your firm can:

Be sure that you are providing on-going best advice to clients regarding case funding options, and specifically the risk of premium
liabilities that might arise post-Jackson

Protect your currently insured BTE and ATE clients from the possibility of an additional, non-recoverable ATE premium in the new regime
by having a top-up ATE policy available now with a premium that will be recoverable post-Jackson.

Minimise your clients exposure to paying significantly increased ATE premiums post-Jackson.

For more information, please contact enhance@keystonelegal.co.uk