Strategic ATE Solutions

2013’s LASPO Act has had a big impact on how civil litigation & personal injury cases are handled in England & Wales, from both the Solicitors & Clients perspective. A key requirement emerging in this lower fee regime is the need to be more operationally efficient and, where possible, to ‘monetise’ certain ancillary parts of the claims process such as ATE insurance – all without sacrificing the fundamentals of Client care, service and results.

In response, and in addition to our existing ATE product offerings, Keystone has developed a range of more strategic, operationally & commercially-focussed ATE insurance solutions to suit a wide range of Firms of all sizes, including:

  • Your own insurance company – strategic control over your Firms ATE insurance requirements including structure, premiums, operation and management. Can offer significant operational & commercial benefits
  • Wrapper ATE policy – replace your ‘success fee plus ATE premium’ model with an easier to operate, fixed deduction from damages model. Simple to mediate and operate with more certainty for Clients and Law Firms
  • CoverPlus ATE -  simple to use, single premium ATE that as well as covering the usual risks for losing cases, also allows you to claim for winning cases

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